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Applicable to the use of LoCa’s website and news service.


1. Introduction


Below, you may read our policy on the processing of personal data. When you visit our web site and/or subscribe to our news service, your personal data will be processed in accordance with this policy. Our cookie policy also applies to our website.

Naturally, we are aware that your personal data must be processed with care and that we must protect your information. We are data controllers pursuant to the legislation on data protection.

Our contact information is:


LoCa aps

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Tel No +45 56 25 17 11

email: loca@loca.dk

CVR No 10 64 75 33


2. Collecting your personal data


We collect the data necessary for our website and/or news service and to allow us to send you relevant information. In order to enable us to do so, you provide us with a range of information and data.

When you subscribe to our news service, you provide us with your name and email address and possibly information about your company.


3. Which data is collected?


When you visit our website, you leave an electronic “footprint”, which allows us to see which pages you have visited and the time of the visit, we are able to ascertain the type of browser used by you and your actual IP address. This information is collected using cookies. You may read a description of these cookies on our website and also learn how you may disable this collection of data.

When you subscribe to our news service, you provide us with your name and email address and possibly information about your company.


4. The purpose of collecting data and the period of storage


We collect and store your data to be able to send you relevant information, such as newsletters, press releases or invitations to fairs. Your data is stored solely for this purpose, which is why it makes no sense to store them for a longer period of time, if you unsubscribe to the news service. If you unsubscribe, your data will be deleted within one month.     


5. Sharing your data


The personal data provided by you will not be sold nor shared with anyone else, unless this is required by law or by a judgment of a court of law, for example in connection with the making of a report to a public authority.


6. Use of data processors


Your personal data may be shared with data processors with whom we collaborate. These data processors, thus, carry out work according to our instructions and in agreement with us, in accordance with the guidelines set out in this policy. We enter into a written agreement with our data processors which stipulates that they are obliged to act with the same care and to protect personal data shared with them.


7. Personal data security


We have implemented a number of internal guidelines and security measures with the purpose of limiting the risk of personal data falling into the wrong hands. These include the use of passwords and limiting the number of individuals who have access to the personal data. Our IT installation is protected by antivirus software and firewalls.


8. The right to access to your personal data, the right to have it erased and the right to complain


You are, at any time, entitled to information on the nature of the data on you stored by us, and what we use the data for. If there is one, or more, errors in the data stored by us, you are also entitled to have the data rectified at any time. Similarly, you are entitled to have your data erased at any time.


You may contact us using the contact form on this website, if you wish to be informed of the data on you stored by us or if you wish to have data rectified or erased.


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