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Who is LoCa

It all started in a garage
The story about LoCa started 1992 in Herfølge. Engineer Thorkild Lundsgaard redecorated the room of his oldest daughter when it was time to perfect his work with a stylish coat rack. He couldn’t find the right one on the market and decided to go out into the garage and make a wooden coat rack. The prototype was never mounted, but the process started something. Thorkild had the feeling that he was on to something important and contacted the designers Harrit & Sørensen. Together, they developed the coat rack called KNAX.

Harrit & Sørensen
The design agency Harrit & Sørensen first drew KNAX in the 90s and the coat rack continues to be one of the best-selling designs of the agency. The rack got its name "because it says KNAX, when the rack falls back into place". The material was a challenge and it took Thorkild and the designers several attempts, before they found the right combination of soft and hard materials.

Quality and flexibility
The idea behind KNAX remains the same, as when Thorkild was standing in his garage: A coat rack that is beautiful, simple and made of good materials - and it should be flexible in terms of use. Only the currently required racks should point into the room.

The Formland Award
In 1995, Thorkild went to a professional arts and craft fair in Herning. For the first time, he was about to present his coat rack to the public and he ended up leaving the fair as a winner. He won the Formland Award for best innovative design of the year. The award was the right incentive that made him go all the way with his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.
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